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Our practice covers eDiscovery and GRC (Governance, Records Management, and Compliance). We analyze technology and trends in these active and growing categories, and communicate their impact on the enterprise and its outside law firms.

Corporations are actively looking for technology to help them meet GRC and eDiscovery demands while controlling costs, and will demand that their outside law firms do the same. By forming interdisciplinary teams at the corporate level to research related solutions, the enterprise will help to drive technology development past specific litigation concerns. Litigation will remain the most significant pain point, but GRC benefits directly from eDiscovery-driven development and is not far behind. As analysts, we influence Legal and IT decision-makers in the enterprise as they look to eDiscovery technology tools.

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Will the Real EDiscovery Please Stand Up: What eDiscovery Really Is and What It Really Means

Taking a step back and seeing eDiscovery in perspective – rather then myopic insistence on some of its parts -- is the key to understanding it. And understand it you must – or risk being knocked down by the surging wave of data and strict new requirements surrounding data discovery.

Publish date: 10/01/08

Interwoven Acquires Software-as-a-Service for eDiscovery

Interwoven is now acquiring Discovery Mining, which produces large volume eDiscovery processing, review and production in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Because it is a hosted solution, Interwoven does not have to attempt to integrate Discovery Mining technology from the ground up.

Publish date: 08/30/08

PMC-Sierra Tachyon / StorClad: Massively Scalable Data Encryption

PMC-Sierra has announced a new family of Tachyon storage protocol controllers featuring StorClad encryption technology. StorClad-enabled Tachyon controllers slot non-disruptively into existing networked storage and integrate with standard encryption technologies to encrypt data behind the controller. The result is a highly scalable, cost-effective, and standardized method for encrypting large and growing amounts of data-at-rest.namespace.

Publish date: 04/30/08

Kazeon: The Changing Landscape for eDiscovery

Optimizing eDiscovery is a critical issue in today’s enterprise, which is facing increasing regulatory and litigation pressures involving unstructured data. Being aware of and having rapid access to this type of information is becoming increasingly important to business decisions and protecting intellectual property.

Publish date: 03/15/08

StoredIQ and eDiscovery

eDiscovery is a major driver for Information Classification and Management (ICM) technologies. StoredIQ fits firmly into the ICM space and is riding the eDiscovery wave into companies that have had enough of discovery costs and costly failures, and are ready to make a change for the better.

Publish date: 01/02/08

Terrascale - Product Profile

The shift away from proprietary scale-up architectures towards horizontally scalable or scale-out solutions based on standard commodity components is gaining significant momentum in the real customer environments. In industries like Financial Services, Life Sciences, and Oil & Gas, high node count Linux clusters provide the level of scalability and performance required for massively parallel applications performing arbitrage analysis, geo-seismic data analysis, and genetic sequencing operations.


Publish date: 06/01/04
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