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Our practice covers eDiscovery and GRC (Governance, Records Management, and Compliance). We analyze technology and trends in these active and growing categories, and communicate their impact on the enterprise and its outside law firms.

Corporations are actively looking for technology to help them meet GRC and eDiscovery demands while controlling costs, and will demand that their outside law firms do the same. By forming interdisciplinary teams at the corporate level to research related solutions, the enterprise will help to drive technology development past specific litigation concerns. Litigation will remain the most significant pain point, but GRC benefits directly from eDiscovery-driven development and is not far behind. As analysts, we influence Legal and IT decision-makers in the enterprise as they look to eDiscovery technology tools.

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Client-Facing Metrics Lower Risk and Cost (Applied Discovery)

"Applied Discovery is coming out of the gate with a mature module for actionable management and sustainable quality control across the entire review process. This level of management controls the costs and risks, and it improves the outcome of e-discovery’s most complex and expensive stage. In this brief opinion we will sketch the complexity and risk of the review process, and how Applied Discovery uses real-world quality control and actionable metrics to help solve the problem."

Publish date: 04/27/10

Effective eDiscovery Strategies for Legal and IT

Iron Mountain is one of the premiere vendors for helping organizations establish a company-wide electronic records retention program and for providing the services and solutions to facilitate that program. In turn they deliver the benefits of records retention to critical business processes throughout the enterprise. This kind of proactive work can be a hard sell in the face of reactive demands and current constraints on capital expenditures. But it is far better to manage records and information proactively than in response to compliance breaches or litigation.

Publish date: 02/22/10

Successful eDiscovery Starts with a Strong Foundation

Doing eDiscovery right from the beginning is hard to do. There are several factors contributing to the challenge including a lack of communication between IT and Legal, budget concerns, difficulty issuing large-scale legal holds, and the overwhelming task of searching through massive ESI for relevant data. Fortunately for the corporate eDiscovery process, there are ways to overcome these challenges.

Publish date: 11/24/09

FTI’s Ringtail QuickCull Appliance

"eDiscovery is a big, multi-stage, complex deal; and corporations should be spending time and budget to do it right. This means forming interdisciplinary teams who should be collaborating with each other and educating each other as to legal needs and data realities.

And then there are the 80% of first-time eDiscovery purchasers that don’t do this at all, but buy a product in response to an emergency and hope for the best."

Publish date: 11/03/09

IGC and the Vital Role of Redaction

Next-generation redaction software enables reviewers to release relevant documents while protecting privilege. This Opinion will briefly discuss redaction in a digital age and how Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) meets the challenge of protecting privileged information.

Publish date: 08/26/09

Archived Data Manager: Building a Foundation for eDiscovery

B&L Associates’ Archived Data Manager (ADM) centralizes views, search and management of tape-based data from across the enterprise. This has significant implications for large-scale business processes like eDiscovery. This Product Profile will discuss the challenges of managing data for the eDiscovery process, and how ADM steps into the yawning gap.

Publish date: 08/24/09
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