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Data Center Systems

Includes HyperConverged, Converged, Disaggregated, and Legacy Infrastructure.

This category focuses on modern, on-premises infrastructure-based architectural approaches at the datacenter level. All aspects of the necessary infrastructure are included such as network, compute and storage. Taneja Group treats these systems as a complete solution for a particular workload whether it be general-purpose IaaS or vertical solutions targeted at specific use cases such as workload consolidation or applications such as SAP. We regularly compare and contrast the various architectural approaches that IT buyers are considering, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss which approaches are likely to work best for specific workloads and use cases. We are always looking for shifts in industry thinking or technology adoption that might lead to an evolution of existing data center architectures, and engage with startup and large vendors alike to understand and characterize newly emerging approaches. Where possible, our reports and opinions are backed by primary research, including direct conversations with different classes of IT decision makers and influencers.

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Kashya KBX 5000 Data protection Appliance

We have seen several key advances in the past year in the technology category known as Continuous Data Technologies (CDT). Defined at the highest level, all CDT solutions enable very granular data capture and the subsequent presentation of application data across Any Point in Time (APIT). This new approach stands in sharp contrast to the historical Point in Time (PIT) based copy-creating technologies that have dominated the data center, including traditional snapshots.

Publish date: 06/01/06

Tacit Networks

Improving remote office management is one of the key initiatives in practically every IT shop we have talked to in the past eighteen months. The reason is simple: greater than 60% of corporate data is outside the data center and often half of that is in remote locations. Practically all data outside datacenters is poorly managed today.

Publish date: 04/01/06

FalconStor and Recovery Management

As the complexity of data protection has accelerated with the introduction of disk-based solutions, we have seen an increasing focus on the value of the recovery process. This is a natural evolution, since disk platforms now provide the speed and reliability necessary to ensure that top-level applications can access the protected data sets that they need, when they need them. Of course, the ability to enable faster, reliable recovery has led to more complexity as users try to optimize their recovery schema across applications and storage platforms.

Publish date: 04/01/06

The New Discipline of Recovery Management

Historically, most data protection innovations have focused on ways to create new copies of information. All forms of backup and replication technologies are actually just increasingly clever ways to produce secondary instances of given pieces of data for protection purposes. However, in the past decade, a very real chasm started forming between how enterprises protected data versus how they were generating and utilizing it.

Publish date: 03/01/06

EMC NetWorker 7.3 - Product Profile

In an aggressive stance to maintain leadership, EMC just released the next version of its flagship backup and restore product and called it EMC NetWorker 7.3. This release came almost exactly a year after release 7.2, which had focused on enhanced disk support and updated backup support for Documentum and VMware. The new release adds increased security, a powerful new GUI construct and a variety of enhancements to backup to disk.


Publish date: 01/01/06

Disk-Based Backup and Restore - Technology in Depth

As an established industry analyst and consulting group focused on storage and storage-centric server technologies, Taneja Group has a simple mission: to arm you with thoroughly analyzed, relevant and timely information so that you can make the best possible decision for your business. We aim to cut through the clutter and hype in order to make complex technology and products understandable, while bringing a clear perspective on the industry.


Publish date: 12/01/05
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