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Data Center Systems

Includes HyperConverged, Converged, Disaggregated, and Legacy Infrastructure.

This category focuses on modern, on-premises infrastructure-based architectural approaches at the datacenter level. All aspects of the necessary infrastructure are included such as network, compute and storage. Taneja Group treats these systems as a complete solution for a particular workload whether it be general-purpose IaaS or vertical solutions targeted at specific use cases such as workload consolidation or applications such as SAP. We regularly compare and contrast the various architectural approaches that IT buyers are considering, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss which approaches are likely to work best for specific workloads and use cases. We are always looking for shifts in industry thinking or technology adoption that might lead to an evolution of existing data center architectures, and engage with startup and large vendors alike to understand and characterize newly emerging approaches. Where possible, our reports and opinions are backed by primary research, including direct conversations with different classes of IT decision makers and influencers.

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IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller 4.1 - Solution Profile

Storage virtualization has come a long way in the past five years. After a false start in 2001, fraught with inflated expectations and product deficiencies, the category fell into infamy. Several vendors disappeared, many others repositioned themselves to focus on the Small Medium Business (SMB) space and yet others reinvented themselves with completely different products. Only one company stayed true to the promise of virtualization from the very beginning. That is IBM. With the SAN Volume Controller (SVC) product, launched in July, 2003, the company nurtured the market, in spite of the fact that many in the market didn’t even want to say the V-word anymore. IBM persisted, albeit mostly with their own customers, fundamentally because the customer could see the potential of storage virtualization and could count on IBM to support them through the early learning cycles.

Publish date: 04/01/07

The Growing Importance of Storage Security & Key Management - Market Profile

It is hard to pick up a newspaper these days without reading about another high profile data security breach, whether it is the loss of a laptop or a tape. Stored data is finding its way outside the corporate perimeter and into the hands of malicious individuals. The implication is clear - data is now mobile. No longer can IT assume that important data is only stored within the confines of the glass house. It is shared with business partners, replicated to multiple data centers, and copied onto different media types that may ultimately be transferred to a 3rd party.

Publish date: 04/01/07

Riverbed RIOS 4.0

On March 14th, Riverbed released RiOS 4.0, a major enhancement to its flagship operating system behind the Riverbed Steelhead WDS (wide-area data services) appliance. With RiOS 4.0, Riverbed has addressed several crucial areas in terms of accelerating encrypted, secure traffic and improving the performance of chatty web-based applications that previously had been unaddressed by WDS products.

Publish date: 03/01/07

Expand Compass

The world of the remote and branch office (ROBO) has become increasingly complex in the past two years. As more and more enterprises seek to address business challenges that span many geographies, developing a coherent, converged wide-area strategy becomes paramount. We see that customers need to find solutions that optimize their flexibility from a converged platform.

Publish date: 11/01/06

Diligent HyperFactor

In the past 24 months, we have seen disk-based data protection and archiving become an essential component of most enterprises. With massive 100 TB+ disk-based repositories becoming increasingly common on near-term enterprise roadmaps, finding ways to optimize those disk capacities is now a top of mind concern. Even with widely available cost-effective disk, our research finds that capacities still account for over 50% of most data storage budgets, with disk-based secondary storage very commonly exceeding 50% year-over-year growth rates.

Publish date: 08/01/06

Compellent Remote Instant Play

More than ever, businesses are facing massive challenges to both protect and move their data across multiple sites. Most critically, this challenge presents itself in the event of an infrastructure failure or an entire site outage. However, with the addition of multiple data center sites, expanding WAN investments, and increasingly heterogeneous and distributed computing infrastructures, moving production data between geographies has also become a hot-button issue.

Publish date: 07/01/06
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