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Cloud Platforms and Apps

Includes Cloud Platforms; IaaS, PaaS and SaaS; enabling infrastructure technologies; deployment types; and cloud development technologies and approaches.

This category covers all types of cloud platforms, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, along with all types of cloud deployments, such as private, public, hybrid and multi cloud. We cover enabling cloud infrastructure technologies in areas such as compute, storage and networking. This practice spans cloud apps development and deployment, including containers and microservices architectures, and the DevOps functions to manage them. We look at cloud platforms in the context of displacing traditional on-premises IT infrastructure and enabling new on-demand apps and services, providing customers with greater flexibility and agility. Though cloud is growing rapidly, we believe that cloud and traditional datacenter infrastructure will co-exist for many years to come, with companies electing to maintain some of their IT workloads and processes on-premises for reasons such as security, control and/or cost. We address the pain points and opportunities resulting from this transformation, to help vendors and end users optimize their cloud investments.

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Microsoft Data Protection Server: Bringing Data Protection to the Masses - Product Profile

Few will argue that over the past several years, Microsoft has had an enormous impact on the data storage industry. Its Windows-based NAS appliances, first brought to market as its Server Appliance Kit, and now packaged as Windows Storage Server have become prevalent across the enterprise. Last year, Microsoft shipped over 50% of the total NAS units sold in the market.


Publish date: 09/01/04

Actona Acquisition by Cisco - Opinion

On June 29th, Cisco Systems announced their intentions to acquire Actona Technologies, a leading emerging player in the Wide-Area File Services (WAFS) product category, for $82 million. Taneja Group has played an early and vocal role the emergence of this market, fully anticipating eventual M&A activity to hit WAFS players. But even we are surprised with the speedy evolution of this space represented by the Cisco-Actona deal.


Publish date: 08/01/04

Taneja Group WAFS ROI White Paper

Over the past year, Taneja Group has been closely tracking the development of the Wide Area File Services (WAFS) market. Based on the level of interest from the end user community, there is now little question that this product segment solves legitimate technical and business challenges for the distributed enterprise.


Publish date: 07/01/04

Taneja Group Avamar Product - Profile

The combination of continued data growth, shrinking backup windows and increasingly stringent recovery time objectives are pushing traditional tapecentric backup architectures to their breaking point. Staggering backup failure rates, reliability issues, and inability to hit backup windows have forced IT administrators to search for alternatives.


Publish date: 07/01/04

EMC Centera File Systems - Technology Brief

Disk-based archiving answers many challenges in the enterprise, but this strong new trend also creates many new questions for end users. Specifically, because of their distinct architectural approaches. Taneja Group sees some confusion regarding the question of whether to deploy a traditional file system or an object storage (e.g. Content Addressed Storage, or CAS) approach in support of an enterprise archival initiative.


Publish date: 06/11/04

Taneja Group Field Adoption Report-Quantum DX-Series

In the third quarter of 2003, Taneja Group completed a comprehensive end user analysis of next generation data protection trends, focusing on disk-based backup and restore technologies. To collect our data, we conducted interviews with 235 North American IT executives and managers. This statistically significant survey enabled Taneja Group to develop the industry’s first glimpse into the overall landscape and future trajectory of disk-based data protection.


Publish date: 06/01/04
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