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Big Data

Includes Big Data Appliances, Scale-out Object Storage, On-Premise and Cloud Big Data, Data Management at scale, Big Data Protection and Operations.

Our big data practice covers the whole big data storage and analytics space for enterprises, from on-premises big data storage to cloud-scale infrastructure. We analyze all the emerging and established technology and trends in these active and growing categories, and communicate their detailed impacts on the enterprise and to their business-focused big data analysts. Corporations are now actively looking for key transformative technologies to help them meet their new big data challenges and the increasing demands of both data scientists and production application owners, all while controlling the exploding costs of storing, managing and protecting their growing big data stores.

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Free Reports

The Move to the Cloud - A Taneja Group eBook

eBook on Cloud Storage -- 6 Critical Questions and Answers You Need to Know

Cloud storage can be a beast to wrangle. Deciding which applications to move into the cloud, understanding how to select and deal with a cloud storage provider, deciding on cloud storage solutions – none of these are easy. Is it worth it?

It's worth it, but it’s vital that you do into it with your eyes wide open. There are many, many questions you need to ask before entrusting your data to a cloud storage provider. Questions like:

#1. What is your system uptime?

#2. What data availability service levels do you support?

#3. How easy is it to move my data to another provider?

#4. What data protection service levels do you provide?

#5. What is your level of performance?

#6. What applications can I best host in the cloud? 


*This eBook is free with registration.

Publish date: 09/10/12

Metalogix Archive Manager – Exchange Edition Provides Storage Optimization & eDiscovery for Mid-Tier

Archiving is the key technology for enabling eDiscovery. Archiving optimizes the Exchange storage infrastructure for dramatic storage savings and improved disaster recovery and provides lifecycle management for methodical (and highly automated) data retention. eDiscovery in turn runs much faster on compact archival storage than on crowded Exchange servers or restored backup. The result is a clear win-win for Exchange administrators and the groups they support.

Publish date: 12/26/11
Free Reports

MCS-Behind The Firewall: A Study Of The Corporate eDiscovery Buyer (Abstract Only)

Taneja Group is pleased to announce the general availability of the 2011 Taneja Group report on cor- porate buying practices for eDiscovery. This extensive 90-page Report is an invaluable resource in your marketing strategy, product planning, and competitive efforts in the challenging world of eDiscovery and Compliance.

Publish date: 07/01/11

Predictive Coding For Document Review: Real? Yes. Game Changer? Not yet.

This Opinion will discuss the use of predictive coding for automated document re- view. Predictive coding has been stampeding the eDiscovery press for the last few weeks as a certain company patents some specific technologies around the process. (They tried to register “predictive coding” as a trademark but that got shot down.) However, the resulting storm of protest pointed out three important things: 1) eDiscovery vendors have used elements of predictive coding for years but may call it something else, 2) predictive coding can occur throughout the eDiscovery cycle, and 3) predic- tive coding for automated review is not ready to take the legal world by storm.

Publish date: 03/23/11

Company Profile: AccessData

Since its founding, AccessData has been a worldwide leader in computer forensics. The company developed its core technology to support cyber-security and eDiscovery markets, and has now has added industry-standard review capabilities to its eDiscovery line. The end result is an integrated architecture that enables AccessData to offer single-vendor efficiencies across the highest levels of digital forensics, cyber-security and litigation support. 

Publish date: 03/10/11

The Highly Efficient eDiscovery Process: AccessData and Summation

 AccessData acquired CT Summation in July 2010 to extend its eDiscovery platform. We believe they will be one of the success stories. AD eDiscovery already offered identification, collection, preservation, processing, analysis and early case assessment. What they lacked was a review and production platform, and they filled this gap by acquiring venerable CT Summation.

Publish date: 02/01/11
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