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Big Data

Includes Big Data Appliances, Scale-out Object Storage, On-Premise and Cloud Big Data, Data Management at scale, Big Data Protection and Operations.

Our big data practice covers the whole big data storage and analytics space for enterprises, from on-premises big data storage to cloud-scale infrastructure. We analyze all the emerging and established technology and trends in these active and growing categories, and communicate their detailed impacts on the enterprise and to their business-focused big data analysts. Corporations are now actively looking for key transformative technologies to help them meet their new big data challenges and the increasing demands of both data scientists and production application owners, all while controlling the exploding costs of storing, managing and protecting their growing big data stores.

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It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Compliance: The New Role of Risk Management and eDiscovery

The SEC is aggressively beefing up its image and its tactics. They are encouraging streamlined procedures and a new emphasis on timely investigations and stiffer penalties. The upshot is that public companies need to practice risk assessment and management more than ever. This requires the ability to proactively understand corporate ESI in terms of risk. And this in turn requires eDiscovery technology that discovers and preserves ESI for compliance as well as for litigation eDiscovery.

Publish date: 03/05/09

StoredIQ and Information Management: eDiscovery Opportunities for the Enterprise

eDiscovery has morphed from a cost-of-doing-business process into a quagmire of missed deadlines, sanctions, and multi-million dollar review costs. Business is reeling under its impact, including the General Counsel’s office, governance and risk managers, and IT. This difficult situation requires a technology that cost-effectively manages enterprise-wide unstructured data, and then customizes data delivery and actions for specific business processes. Its primary driver is the eDiscovery process, but the common platform enables effective management for GRC and storage management as well. In this Technology in Brief, we will share our take on the promise of these platforms, and how StoredIQ is fulfilling that promise.

Publish date: 03/03/09

Early Case Assessment with ONSITE and Clearwell

ONSITE and Clearwell have established a promising partnership.  This Opinion briefly looks at the advantages of using technology tools for ECA, and ONSITE and Clearwell’s specific approach to this toolset.

Publish date: 12/31/08

2009 Trends in the eDiscovery Market

"eDiscovery is a great deal more then a mere litigation arena. It also encompasses knowledge management, and data classification mining, and ILM. In this broad sense we have scoped the 2009 trends of the eDiscovery market as it impacts its largest stakeholders: the enterprise general counsel corporate clients, and IT."

Publish date: 12/30/08

Will the Real EDiscovery Please Stand Up: What eDiscovery Really Is and What It Really Means

Taking a step back and seeing eDiscovery in perspective – rather then myopic insistence on some of its parts -- is the key to understanding it. And understand it you must – or risk being knocked down by the surging wave of data and strict new requirements surrounding data discovery.

Publish date: 10/01/08

Interwoven Acquires Software-as-a-Service for eDiscovery

Interwoven is now acquiring Discovery Mining, which produces large volume eDiscovery processing, review and production in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Because it is a hosted solution, Interwoven does not have to attempt to integrate Discovery Mining technology from the ground up.

Publish date: 08/30/08
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