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Big Data

Includes Big Data Appliances, Scale-out Object Storage, On-Premise and Cloud Big Data, Data Management at scale, Big Data Protection and Operations.

Our big data practice covers the whole big data storage and analytics space for enterprises, from on-premises big data storage to cloud-scale infrastructure. We analyze all the emerging and established technology and trends in these active and growing categories, and communicate their detailed impacts on the enterprise and to their business-focused big data analysts. Corporations are now actively looking for key transformative technologies to help them meet their new big data challenges and the increasing demands of both data scientists and production application owners, all while controlling the exploding costs of storing, managing and protecting their growing big data stores.

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CaseCentral: Countering the eDiscovery Myth-Makers

"You may have heard that 1) eDiscovery analytics are all alike, 2) there is an end-to-end eDiscovery solution, or 3) all eDiscovery processes should be brought in-house. These are myths. eDiscovery analytics are most emphatically not alike, there is no end-to-end solution, and not all eDiscovery processes should be brought in-house."

Publish date: 06/26/09

StoredIQ for Intelligent eDiscovery and Information Management

StoredIQ is riding the eDiscovery wave into companies that have had enough of discovery costs and costly failures and are ready to make a change for the better. StoredIQ leverages its technology platform to include not only litigation-based eDiscovery, but also governance, risk and compliance management (GRC) and storage management for IT.

Publish date: 05/02/09

Inference 4.0: Accelerated Review and Analysis

Inference Data provides a high level of eDiscovery control to corporations and law firms with features for early assessment, case preparation, and accelerated review and production. By quickly targeting key documents and speeding review rates, customers realize significant cost savings from beginning to end of the review process.

Publish date: 04/13/09

CaseCentral: Controlling the eDiscovery Process

Hosted eDiscovery enables companies to off-loading resource-intensive classification, review and analysis, and productionto the eDiscovery provider. One such provider is CaseCentral, which targets corporate legal department and law firms with their hosted eDiscovery solution.

Publish date: 03/31/09

Records Management in Light of eDiscovery

"Even as stores of unstructured data proliferate throughout the corporation, the demands on that data are growing too. eDiscovery, compliance, data retention management: these pressures and more are severely impacting multiple workgroups. The key to digital records management is knowing what you’ve got, where you’ve got it, and how you can use it. Given the sheer volume of information out there, the only way to do this is to adopt identification and collection technology to automate the process for you."

Publish date: 03/18/09

eDiscovery Analysis Tools: Separate and Not Equal

The word "Analysis" only occurs once as a stage in the EDRM, but in fact different types of analysis are happening throughout the EDRM. This allows left-hand side vendors to properly claim that yes, they do analysis, thank you very much. But this has the Review/Analysis vendors seeing red because it hijacks the accepted EDRM definitions. To avoid confusion, prospective eDiscovery buyers must know what kind of analysis they are after.

Publish date: 03/09/09
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