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Nimble’s Adaptive Flash goes bigger with beefed-up controller

Nimble Storage says flash, currently all the rage in enterprises, is best used in moderation. But just to be safe, the company’s giving customers a way to use a lot more of it.

  • Premiered: 06/11/14
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: PC World
Topic(s): Nimble Storage Nimble Storage SSD HDD Flash Adaptive Flash all flash array

HP says its all-flash array now matches fast disks on price

On Monday at its Discover conference in Las Vegas, HP announced updates to the all-flash HP 3Par StoreServ 7450 Storage array that can push its cost below $2 per usable gigabyte, according to the company.

  • Premiered: 06/10/14
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: TechWorld
Topic(s): HP SSD StoreServ 3PAR Flash Skyera Kaminario EMC VNX Deduplication Arun Taneja

HP adds dedupe, 1.92 TB SSDs to 3PAR StoreServ 7450 all-flash array

Hewlett-Packard today said it will significantly lower the cost of its 3PAR StoreServ 7450 all-flash array with new higher capacity, low-cost commercial MLC drives and hardware-assisted inline deduplication.

  • Premiered: 06/09/14
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: Tech Target: Search Solid State Storage
Topic(s): Arun Taneja Storage HP 3PAR StoreServe Flash SSD Deduplication Auto Tiering Pure Storage Nimbus Data Violin Memory Kaminario SolidFire

Hyper-converged infrastructure starts to offer greater choice

A hyper-converged infrastructure tightly integrates storage, compute, networking and server virtualization resources in the same box, and now products are starting to offer more points of differentiation.

Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst at Taneja Group in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, surveyed the hyper-converged product landscape in this podcast interview. He explained the distinction between hyper-converged and converged systems, updated the list of products that meet his definition of hyper-convergence, discussed the latest choices users will find for hypervisors and hardware, and offered his predictions on the direction hyper-converged storage products could take.


IBM N Series dropped from NetApp OEM deal, E Series stays

IBM this week went public with its plans to stop rebranding NetApp FAS arrays as the IBM N Series, although it will continue to sell NetApp E Series storage.

  • Premiered: 05/29/14
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: Tech Target: Search Storage
Topic(s): Arun Taneja IBM NetApp SAN NAS Storwize HPC SONAS

Hyperconvergence tackles storage and server strain

The simplicity of all-in-one data center offerings makes hyperconvergence popular with smaller businesses. After spending more than a decade selling IT shops on the benefits of separate server and storage environments, IT infrastructure vendors are starting to take a different tack, bundling servers and storage—and in some cases, networking—into Lego-like modules. The big plus is, they scale for capacity and performance, and they’re managed as a single system.

  • Premiered: 05/20/14
  • Author: Taneja Group
  • Published: Tech Target: Search Data Center
Topic(s): hyper convergence Storage Data Center scalability Converged Infrastructure vCenter VCE vBlock NetApp FlexPod Nutanix SimpliVity Scale Computing SAN VMWare OmniCube
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