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Taneja Blog / Big Data / Primary Storage

IBM Cognitive Storage Support Promises to Reduce Customers’ Technical Issues and Support Costs

Real-time insights from installed storage systems—combined with IBM storage support capabilities—should lead to more reliable and performant storage as well as happier customers

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  • Premiered: 11/13/17
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): IBM Storage Cloud Management AI Cognitive Computing Big Data
Taneja Blog / Big Data / Data Center Systems

HPE Welcomes You To The Machine!

HPE has publicly rolled out their “The Machine” prototype, carrying 160TB of fabric-attached memory, 1280 ARM cores and 100Gb/s fiber interconnects.  Ok, so this is a whole lot of memory!  But it’s not just about memory.

In both HPC and big data analytics, and in increasingly converged applications that combine analytics with operational processes at scale, the game is all about increasing data locality to compute. Ten years ago we Hadoop unlocked massive data scale processing for certain classes of problems by “mapping/reducing” compute and big data across a cluster of commodity servers.  We might look at that as the “airy” and “cloudy” kind of approach.  Then Spark came about and showed how we really need to tackle big data sets in memory, though still across a cluster architecture.

Here today we see the bleeding edge of what aggressive hardware engineering can do to practically cram massive memory and large numbers of cores all together - compressing and converging compute and big data as densely as possible - in some ways a throwback nod to the old mainframe. Folks with highly-interconnected HPC-style modeling and simulation application needs that haven’t been well served by commodity scale-out (i.e. affordable) big data analytic architectures are going to want to look closely at this development. (and in fact, HPE has modified a Spark version to make different internal assumptions to match this new architecture to great affect (15x at least)).....

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  • Premiered: 05/16/17
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): HPE The Machine Big Data Spark IoT Mike Matchett
Taneja Blog / Big Data / Data Center Systems

Video: Why Facebook and the NSA love the graph database

Senior Analyst & Consultant Mike Matchett dives into graph databases, and Why Facebook and the NSA love them.

  • Premiered: 03/17/17
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Mike Matchett video blog video graph database Big Data big data analytics analytics
Taneja Blog / Big Data

The New Big Thing in Big Data: Results From Our Apache Spark Survey

In the last few months I’ve been really bullish on Apache Spark as an big enabler of wider big data solution adoption. Recently we got the great opportunity to conduct some deep Spark market research (with Cloudera’s sponsorship) and were able to survey nearly seven thousand (6900+) highly qualified technical and managerial people working with big data from around the world. ... Some highlights—First, across the broad range of industries, company sizes, and big data maturities, over one-half (54%) of respondents are already actively using Spark to solve a primary organizational use case. That’s an incredible adoption rate….

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  • Premiered: 12/14/16
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Apache Spark Big Data Cloudera
Taneja Blog / Big Data

Looking For a Next Gen Data Center Platform? MapR Wants To Talk

It’s almost 2017 - where is your organization with regards to getting any value out of Big Data projects?  Are you still dabbling with endless POC’s, or maybe haven’t even gotten a big data project approved yet?  I just got back from MapR’s first ever analyst conference. More on MapR in a moment, but first let me tell you about one of the interesting big data market adoption perspectives I heard there. One of their partners claimed that a big roadblock to wider big data adoption was senior IT decision-makers holding out investment or project approval until they could be assured that any resulting application would be able to be put into actual enterprise production, regardless of business value….

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  • Premiered: 12/14/16
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Big Data MapR Converged Analytics
Taneja Blog / Big Data / Software Defined/Virtualized Infrastructure

Scality releases version 6.0 further enabling Amazon S3 compatible storage on-premises

cality announced enhancements to Amazon S3 API support on its Scality RING product.

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  • Premiered: 06/17/16
  • Author: Jeff Kato
Topic(s): Scality Amazon Amazon S3 API Amazon AWS AWS Amazon Web Services Docker
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