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Oracle ZS3 produces impressive results

When Sun was an independent company I always thought their storage product line was inferior to offerings from EMC, HDS, NetApp, HP and other major purveyors of storage during that time. But I also saw that ZFS was one of the highest performing, most complete and highly available file systems in the market, even if Sun at that time wasn’t fully taking advantage of that in the market.

All that has changed in the hands of Oracle.

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  • Premiered: 08/22/14
  • Author: Arun Taneja
Topic(s): Storage NetApp Oracle ZS3 ZS3-2 Sun Microsystems SPC-2E
Taneja Blog / Systems and Technology

Notes from the lab: Flash Memory Summit 2014

I recently had the opportunity to spend three days in San Jose at the 2014 Flash Memory Summit with Arun Taneja and Jeff Byrne. After attending far too many briefings and seminars with outstanding thinkers who work for state-of-the-art companies I thought I would compile the four most interesting takeaways I got from the conference.

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  • Premiered: 08/11/14
  • Author: Tom Fenton
Topic(s): Flash Memory Summit Virtualization Storage Flash SSD
Taneja Blog / Systems and Technology

Using the Load DynamiX Workload Iterator

In our validation lab we find our Load DynamiX workload generator very useful. It just got exponentially more useful with the addition of the “Workload Iterator”.

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  • Premiered: 08/10/14
  • Author: Tom Fenton
Topic(s): Load DynamiX
Taneja Blog / Systems and Technology

Using Load DynamiX data to create custom charts

We here in the Taneja Group lab often need to generate a large number of Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPs), and we have found one of the best ways to do this is with the Load DynamiX Appliance. However, often the charts that it generates aren’t in the form we need for a specific task, so I would like to share with you the steps we take take in the lab to create custom Excel charts using Load DynamiX data.

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  • Premiered: 08/05/14
  • Author: Tom Fenton
Topic(s): Load DynamiX charts analytics
Taneja Blog / Systems and Technology

Flash Gets Faster: Avalanche Technology Intends To Dominate

Flash Summit 2014 runs this week, and we expect to hear a lot about how flash is poised to take over the IT storage world. One of the key new entrants to keep an eye out for is Avalanche Technology. While they are ultimately aiming to develop STT-MRAM solutions that could totally change the way IT infrastructure works, right now they are busy rolling out their new “solid-state” first array built from the ground up to intimately leverage available NAND flash.

This first storage array from Avalanche claims to deliver IO at 40% or more lower latency than other flash storage…..

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  • Premiered: 08/04/14
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Avalanche Technology Flash Storage
Taneja Blog / Virtualization / Systems and Technology / Big Data

EMC Charts An Intelligent Path Through The Hedges: More ViPR, Flash And Big Data

After the big gush and splash of days in Vegas at EMCWorld 2014, we have had a few days to chew on the news and have come up with some interesting takeaways -
1. Acquisition of DSSD
2. ViPR 2.0, ViPR SRM, and the new ECS appliance
3. Big data, HDFS and three EMC solutions so far

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  • Premiered: 05/19/14
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): EMC Big Data Elastic Storage software defined Flash Storage Virtualization
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