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IT Operations Management Grows Up into the Cloud Era

Taneja Group recently completed a report on the IT Cloud Management Market Landscape for enterprise customers.

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  • Premiered: 08/29/16
  • Author: Steve Ricketts
Topic(s): Cloud Management Cloud VMWare BMC Hypervisor Microsoft Operations Management Steve Ricketts
Taneja Blog / Systems and Technology

Do ROI Calculators Produce Real ROI?

As both a vendor product marketer and now an analyst, I’ve often been asked to help produce an “official” ROI (or the full TCO) calculator for some product. I used to love pulling out Excel and chaining together pages of cascading formulas.  But I’m getting older and wiser.  Now I see that ROI calculators are by and large just big rat holes. In fact I was asked again this week and, instead of quickly replying “yes, if you have enough money” and spinning out some rehashed spreadsheet (like some other IT analyst firms), I spent some time thinking about why the time and money spent producing detailed ROI calculators is usually a wasted investment, if not a wasted opportunity (to do better).

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  • Premiered: 08/24/16
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): ROI TCO
Taneja Blog / Systems and Technology

Pivot3 Expands QoS for HyperConverged Infrastructure Environment

It was evident after Pivot3 acquired NexGen (in March of 2016) that the focus would be to use NexGen’s strong IP regarding Quality of Service (QoS) and leverage it for HCI environments.

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Taneja Blog / Systems and Technology

HPE gives software-defined storage a new twist with the StoreVirtual 3200

The recent trend for software-defined storage vendors has been to create hyperconverged platforms in order to continue to add greater functionality to the same X86-based servers they rely on.

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Taneja Blog / Cloud

Cloud-Sourcing Infrastructure: A Wave of the Future?

Ready to Outsource Your Critical Infrastructure to a Cloud Provider? Nearly 1 in 7 of Your Peers Are

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  • Premiered: 08/03/16
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): Cloud Infrastructure Outsource
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