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Zmanda’s Amanda Enterprise now supports Google’s Cloud Storage APIs

Amanda Enterprise, Zmanda’s flagship enterprise-class cloud backup solution that has supported the Amazon Cloud Storage API for the last 2 – 3 years is now integrated with Google’s Cloud Storage’s open RESTful API. Zmanda’s code is engineered to support other REST-based APIs.

Sunnyvale, California based Zmanda provides affordable enterprise backup and disaster recovery in more than 60 countries. Zmanda’s technology is based on Amanda open source code which is the foundation of more than half a million data backup and recovery installations worldwide.

Google’s Cloud Storage debuted last year and already many technology providers / providers of enterprise storage solutions have integrated with Google Cloud Storage including Panzura, StorSimple, TwinStrata, Zmanda, and Gladinet. Google’s advanced storage infrastructure and global footprint of their network infrastructure provides a flexible, efficient, and economical cloud backup solution for offsite backups. 

Organizations of all sizes can protect their corporate servers, desktops and applications by backing up their business critical data from these machines to the GoogleCloudStorage offsite. Amanda Enterprise encapsulates each backup archive as an object and stores it on Google Cloud Storage. Data compression is done before converting the backup image to objects. Each image is reusable on its own from the cloud.

Each backup set can have its completely independent policy and backup location e.g. One backup set could be backed up to the east coast data center and another one to west coast data center.

Backup archives are created in open formats (e.g. ZIP64 for Windows and tar for Linux). This open architecture prevents vendor lock-in.

The backup data and archives can be stored on disks, tape, optical devices, or storage clouds such as Google Cloud Storage.

In addition to utilizing Zmanda’s recovery interface, users can also browse, read or delete their data objects through Google Storage Manager.

Today, regulatory compliance mandates and cost efficiency are top of mind for every for profit organization. Amanda Enterprise provides advanced cloud backup features such as location control, bandwidth throttling, and parallel streams for backups and restores.

Zmanda has differentiated themselves from other data backup offerings in the marketplace by adopting open source technologies at an attractive price. They sell their solution direct as well as through Service Providers / Resellers. Their price list is very simple and is posted on their web site.  In this day and age, most vendors don't even want to discuss price early on in the sales cycle. Zmanda's customers know exactly what they're getting and for how much right from the start. 

  • Premiered: 03/09/12
  • Author: Ashar Baig
Topic(s): Zmanda Zmanda Recovery Manager ZRM Amanda Enterprise cloud backup ZCB


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