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VMware Cloud Foundation is well suited to deliver on the private cloud promise

As companies transition away from the inherent complexities of traditional IT architectures, we increasingly see hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) as the platform architecture of choice when building a private cloud. To gather data and insights about the converged and hyper-converged infrastructure markets, Taneja Group initiated a primary research study called “All Things Convergence” earlier this year. When it came to implementing a private cloud, they responded with the following priorities:

VMware recently introduced VMware Cloud Foundation as the only unified SDDC platform for the hybrid cloud, which brings together VMware’s compute, storage, and network virtualization into a natively integrated stack that can be deployed on-premises or run as a service from the public cloud. VMware Cloud Foundation based cloud infrastructure will soon to be available as public cloud offerings in both IBM SoftLayer and AWS (See Jeff Byrne’s blog on this). These offerings give the industry a much-needed common cloud infrastructure foundation that gives customers a unified and consistent operational model across the private and public cloud. In our primary research, the ability to transparently move workloads between on-premises and the public cloud was the number two attribute asked for behind self-service capabilities. We see VMware Cloud Foundation as a great first step on the way to the “Holy Grail” offering of transparent workload mobility across disparate public and private cloud architectures.

Also, VMware Cloud Foundation gives customers a cost-effective architecture that is ideal to scale-out on demand as needed. We recently did a TCO analysis that shows how customers could save up to %45 over three years as compared to traditional 3-tier infrastructure. (To access this report free for a limited time you can click here)

We are briefed daily by companies that are innovating to meet the needs of the future reality of a multi-cloud world. The customers we talk to want cloud choice and they want cloud mobility; they do not want single vendor lock-in. VMware’s strategy to embrace many public cloud partners is a great first step to a more interoperable private and public cloud environment. We look forward to seeing what comes next.


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