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VMware acquires Zimbra, Filling Out vCloud Strategy

As many have commented since VMware acquired SpringSource, the company’s strategy should be seen more as a shift in venue – changing the battlefield – than as a series of tactical ploys to unseat Microsoft in the enterprise. In our view, VMware has been disciplined about looking forward: building the next-generation datacenter stack, open and cloud-enabled, while not overly concerned about winning a particular battle at one tier of the existing stack. The company already virtualizes a huge number of Exchange servers and will continue to do so, but is increasingly at risk as Microsoft’s virtualization platform matures.

There is no shortage of open source and/or hosted email solutions, just as there’s no shortage of open source development platforms, but there is a shortage of packaged, tested application stacks that enable the SMB market to easily source and deploy a complete productivity solution. VMware’s evolution from platform provider to solution provider will be the “great narrative” of the company in the coming years, and they are in a strong position to lead. With the addition of an email platform, we expect news of a VMware database acquisition can’t be far off.

  • Premiered: 01/12/10
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Byrne virtual infrastructures Virtualization VMWare Zimbra


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