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Virtualizing Browser Apps - Mobolize Makes the Web Work Offline

It's really a quite interesting way to optimize browser-based users. Mobilize's product line is CacheFront, which as it sounds puts an enhanced secure cache on endpoint "browsers" to minimize network bandwidth and of course increase end user performance. The newly announced CacheFront Express seems to be a pretty cost-effective way to improve end-user productivity when users are impacted by consolidating data centers, relying on SaaS solutions, or are highly mobile.

Unlike larger WAN optimization solutions that you might use in data centers and ROBOs, CacheFront should work no matter where the end-user is connecting from. It does need to be installed on endpoint devices, but only on endpoint devices. What gets cached is user selectable, the caches can grow as large as needed, and include some good things like built-in security and remote "wipe" features. Today CacheFront is limited to Windows IE browsers, but interoperability should broaden out in the next year.

CacheFront Professional (also recently announced) and the orginal solution Enterprise also contain a synchronization engine. This goes beyond passive caching to actively synchronizing designated web pages (sites, documents, For some highly mobile and often disconnected users like sales folk that want to be able to get to collateral libraries or pricing lists on the road or in the air, this could be magic. 

CacheFront Enterprise goes all the way to enabling local editing of docs and web forms (and can support custom web apps with some configuration), enabling many browser apps to run as if actually live connected (queued for updating when reconnected). This is pretty sweet, and we imagine SharePoint, Salesforce and other SaaS users will be demanding this once they become aware it is possible.

More than a cache, this really a way of virtualizing browser applications, and we think as more applications become web-based, that this kind of optimization and acceleration technology will become ubiquitous. 

  • Premiered: 05/23/13
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Mobolize Virtualization Mobility


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