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Virtual Instruments Goes Deeper Into Storage Performance

Virtual Instruments, well-known for being able to address storage performance across infrastructure from the high to the low - from VM down to individual packets in the SAN, has just released a denser SAN performance probe that crams 48 Fibre Channel ports into a 2U appliance.  The ProbeFC8-HD48 tracks over 150 metrics per second and can provide details at the link, channel, and "initiator to target to LUN" levels.

In addition to saving datacenter rack space, at this density it really signals enterprises that they should implement SAN performance management on every important port. And aren't they all becoming important?  With virtualized and cloud clients, important workloads can be "agile" across infrastructure.

As IT moves toward a service orientation, SLA's including performance become critical. It's time to think beyond monitoring and troubleshooting or spot projects like a consolidation effort. Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) should be part of an ongoing management scheme applied across the infrastructure's lifecycle(s).  If you have critical storage, you need top-notch IPM.

  • Premiered: 10/08/13
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Virtual Instruments SAN Infrastructure Performance Management IPM


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