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Virtual Desktops in the Cloud: Yes, You Can Bring Your iPad

A few weeks ago I wrote that I like bold moves in the desktop virtualization space. I think there’s actually a surfeit of solutions to the desktop virtualization problem—streaming, hosted, client-side, hybrids, remote display—but a lack of answers. And by answers I mean vendors willing to stand up and say, “Do it this way and it’ll work,” instead of “Try one of our several options once you figure out what you need and profile your users and analyze your annual support costs and check with your users.” Staking a claim, Desktone is standing up to the challenge.

Since the vendor first told me about its vision of Desktops as a Service (DaaS) a year ago, Desktone has been aggressively building out its offering, and partnering with heavyweights like Rackspace to make sure it’s available on a rock-solid cloud platform. Now they’re public with an advanced platform (Desktone Platform 3.0), an enviable cloud partner list, and a $1/desktop/day entry price point. The message is simple: give your users cheap, basic Windows desktops on whatever platform they want to use, without adding any new datacenter infrastructure.

I’m tracking this because I think Desktone is tapping into the IT “demand shift” that’s been happening over the last decade. Virtualization radically changed the way IT viewed server workload economics, and has made quite a few heroes in the datacenter via consolidation and improved workload protection. But users still get to these applications in most cases from a “thick” windows client. I still do. But I don’t want to.

I don’t want to manage a Windows desktop myself (or have it managed for me) any more than I want to pull all my data back from Dropbox and duplicate it and back it up the way I used to, say, 12 short months ago. That ship has sailed. And, every day, another CEO walks into a datacenter and says, “put my stuff on my iPad.” Instead of waiting for the datacenter to come up with a cost-effective combo of desktop virtualization technologies, many companies will find their users heading to the cloud with or without them. With Desktone as an option, IT managers can get high-performance (read HDX, RDS and RDP protocols) cloud-ready desktops…before the CEO even gets an iPad.

  • Premiered: 11/15/10
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Cloud Desktone Desktop Virtualization iPad VDI


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