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Violin Bares New Gen of All-Flash Teeth

Recently I hosted a second all-flash vendor panel on our Taneja Group BrightTalk channel. Violin Memory and IBM squared off (and agreed on many points) on the current good use cases, applications, and futures of the high-performance end of the flash storage market, with Netapp providing some balanced commentary preparing for their upcoming all-flash solution (FlashRay). Violin's perspective was that efficiently designed all-flash systems are starting to be so cost-competitive  they are taking over tier 1 AND tier 2 workloads in the datacenter, and by the way, a competitive data center has already completely transitioned to their all-flash storage.

Flash forward a couple of weeks (pun intended), and we see Violin today rolling out a newly revamped all-flash platform (7300 and 7700 series).  There are the usual increases in performance, managability, and scalability we'd expect from a major release from Violin - all adding to and shoring up  the TCO argument they made on our panel. But we also see a Violin graduating from "just" a top-end performer to a full data center storage solution with their Concerto v7 release.   This now includes fine-grained configurable in-line dedupe and compression, which some other big name all-flash solutions tend to apply to all IO indiscriminately. 

Violin has also now matured and designed in enterprise storage features for CDP and replication while enabling scaling up to 1.3PB in only 24U.  All this while preserving (and we hear increasing) it's well known record setting benchmarks for low latency and high IOPs with consistent IO delivery (1M IOPS at 1ms on the 7300 with an all-read workload).

Clearly it's possible now to see an all-flash data center core on the horizon. All of our panel participants acknowledged that there is always going to be room for cheaper colder capacity storage, but for any workload that does better with performant IO, why not all-flash? Let us know your thoughts on the all-flash data center - is it in your immediate future, and if so, what are your requirements and/or bake-off criteria?  When do you think your data center processing will turn solid state?

To watch the first all-flash vendor panel click here.

To watch the second all-flash vendor panel (mentioned above) click here.

  • Premiered: 02/17/15
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Violin Memory all-flash Storage IBM NetApp


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