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Top Trends in eDiscovery #5: Data Collection Challenges

Talk about data growth: projections see the world’s digital data doubling every 1 to 2 years. It already averages an increase of 1-1/2 times a year. These massive growth rates build geometrically, resulting in nearly inconceivable amounts of data with no end in sight.

This leads to huge questions and issues around how massive data impacts hardware and software, data oversight, and of course eDiscovery and GRC. On the collection front big data particularly presents big challenges. The sheer size of data volumes slows down collection efforts, which are also impacted by different applications and storage locations. For example, email is well covered by existing eDiscovery tools and SharePoint and files are moderately well covered. But cloud-based tools are sadly elementary and the explosively growing social media eDiscovery is in its infancy. Some vendors are looking to the intersection of business intelligence (BI) with information governance in order to provide automated analytics, reporting, responsive data movement, project level workflow insight and more.

Our take: Data collection tools are improving but fast-growing data presents ongoing challenges around multiple storage repositories, cloud-based storage, social media and collaborative digital creation. Collections tools must develop and grow in synch with these trends, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for collection vendors. It’s a challenge because the technological barriers to collection are serious. It’s an opportunity because the need is there and it’s growing fast.

Vendors we are following: EMC, Oracle, StoredIQ, Guidance, AccessData

  • Premiered: 12/28/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): eDiscovery trends collection data EMC Oracle StoredIQ Guidance AccessData


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