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Top Trends in eDiscovery #9: From Backup Tape to Archiving

Archiving is getting more popular for business processes like eDiscovery and I say it’s high time. Backups are essential for short term data recovery but were not designed to serve long-term retention needs. Yet many corporations still use backups for long-term data retention instead of deploying archive processes. We believe that archiving adoption is on an upward path but making the capital case for it can be a challenge when backup tape is already a fact of life.

However, there are the strong drivers for adopting archiving over using backup tapes for storage management, eDiscovery, governance and data migration. Backup exists for two reasons – disaster recovery (DR) first and long-term compliant retention second. But companies do not only require DR and provable retention; they also need searchability and recoverability. And without true archives, searching and recovering tapes on a per-file basis presents some serious problems: 1) The long-term cost of transporting and storing tape is not cheap, 2) remediating tape is a big job, and 3) most importantly, tape offers poor file-level recoverability and searchability, the two capabilities you absolutely must have for eDiscovery collections. True archiving adds tremendous value to the storage environment by meeting these basic challenges.

Our take: There is a huge cost and time difference between running eDiscovery against archives instead of backup tape. Organizations that already own archiving products need to put more emphasis on additional search and collection capabilities for their archives. Businesses that have not yet invested in archiving can get over the capital purchase hump by understanding the business need of archiving, and by finding archiving solutions that are highly cost-effective and simple to deploy and scale. Fortunately more organizations are recognizing how far superior archiving is to using backup tape as their “archiving” method. Which it is not.

Vendors we are following: IBM, EMC, Spectra Logic, Metalogix

  • Premiered: 01/09/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Tape Archiving eDiscovery


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