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Time To Use The Force, IT! - OpsDataStore Unifies Systems Management Data

We are only a bit excited by the impending Star Wars release. How old were we when the first one came out? I'm not saying. We are all very excited here to see this new continuation - of the story, the characters, and the universe of the force. Especially compared to our day-to-day IT management reality which often seems stuck in the 70's. Systems management has been around even longer than the Star Wars franchise, but it seems to have stagnated along the way. Where is the rebellion? The good Jedi warriors to save us all from the Dark side?

Well, maybe it hasn't stagnated exactly, but it seems that it does keep having to reinvent "the same old" in the face of a stream of new technologies (e.g. mid-range, client-server, virtualization, cloud, big data, flash, NoSql, containers, persistent memory...).  Centralize - distribute - centralize... Need to do capacity planning, automate operations, need to do capacity planning, automate performance, .... So many rediscoveries of the methods and approaches of yore, even if they sound like they've just been invented anew for the young IT admin. Us older cynics often just see the return of the same old jedi over and over. Ok, maybe that's the way of things - the good-evil balance in the force keeps cycling in Star Wars too.  But at least the bad guys keep coming back each time with cooler light sabers!

However we also now see a reboot coming for systems management finally.  Instead of reinventing the same old stuff, OpsDataStore is rolling out an on-prem solution that consumes and unifies all other systems management data - forms into a larger integrated management model - and then serves it back out for whatever you might want to do with it (use the force!). At first this seems a subtle back-end thing, but if you've ever tried to merge data from just two different systems management tools manually (scripts, spreadsheets, etc) then you should be reallyl excited to see what they've done.

Not only do they take in whatever systems management data from whatever vendor tools you might already have in place, they do some really smart things with it. First, they don't need a pre-defined schema and instead use some big data stuff (see my longer report) to make it dead easy to just stream tons of disparate stuff into their repo.  Second, they apply a very excellent use of graph technology to create a dynamic systems management model out of everything it consumes. You can then view or query this repo using this unified (and automagically extensible) model. Add more data sources whenever you like.  Add all the data you can find.  It all just gets more and more useful the more you can assemble - a key big data tenet.

So you might just want to put OpsDataStore on your holiday wish list. If you don't see the problem now, if you are thinking about it the opportunity to leverage this capability will come up in 2016 at some point. Who doesn't have disparate management data that "if only" you could merge intelligently would provide great insight for any number of sys management tasks? May the force be with us all, everyone!

  • Premiered: 12/14/15
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): OpsDataStore Systems Management Big Data


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