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Taneja Group Predictions for 2016 – Jeff Kato, #1

As the battle for the ever-shrinking traditional external storage market continues, the market for scale-out external storage using modern SDS running on commodity hardware will explode. Traditional vendors seem set on competing in the all-flash array segment for Tier-0/Tier-1 workloads. Quietly, several new companies are introducing modern scale-out products that take advantage of flash-first architectures and enable incredibly high scalability, performance and intelligence while still utilizing commodity hardware.  These products are the perfect complement to an all-flash purpose-built array and will win the lion’s share of the storage market from a capacity perspective.  Unstructured data continues to increase exponentially and this new generation of products is needed to slow down the rapidly growing migration to the public cloud.  The only question will be whether object-centric or file-centric design will be dominant.  Look for both architectures to be extremely popular in 2016 and the winner of this fierce competition may be the company that creates a product that does both object and file equally well.  This will allow 2016 to become the year that on-premises scale-out storage begins to compete favorably with public cloud alternatives.


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