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Taneja Group Predictions for 2016 – Jeff Byrne, #2

Hybrid cloud:

Hybrid cloud deployments will grow rapidly, spurred in large part by increasing adoption of public cloud for a variety of apps and use cases.

In a recent Taneja Group survey, we learned that nearly 30% of enterprises have invested or are planning to invest in hybrid cloud initiatives. That number is up significantly from two years ago. Interestingly, just over one-third of enterprises are actively investing in private cloud initiatives, a percentage that has held constant over that same time period. In contrast, a rapidly growing share of enterprises— upwards of 65%, based on one study—are running or have plans to run at least some apps or use cases in a public cloud.

Based on these findings, it appears that public cloud adoption is a primary driver of hybrid cloud initiatives, far outpacing further investments in private cloud. Even more interesting: every enterprise seems to have their own view of what constitutes a “private cloud.” Some companies think of their existing data center infrastructure as a private cloud, as long as it allows for connectivity or selected movement of data to a public cloud.  Others believe their deployments must include some level of automation and self-service capabilities in order to qualify as a “private cloud.” While the perceived definitions are all over the map, relatively few enterprises have invested to create the “private cloud” that NIST has in mind, with its multi-layer, software-defined infrastructure, automation and orchestration, and full self-service provisioning.

While public cloud is currently in the spotlight, we think enterprises will begin to shift their attention to building more fully capable private clouds over the next couple of years. The vendor community, including a number of promising new start-ups, will be there to assist enterprises in these initiatives.


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