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Taneja Group Predictions for 2016 – Arun Taneja, #3

We thought the bloodbath for traditional external storage array products would subside by now but now we believe it will continue unabated into 2016. We have all seen serious drops in revenue for products across the board over the past year. NetApp FAS, EMC VMAX and VNX series, IBM DS Series, HP EVA and MSA, Dell EqualLogic and Compellent series, and more. These products are being replaced with hyperconverged solutions, software defined storage offerings, and of course, cloud storage, at an alarming rate. We thought things would level out for traditional products but we don’t believe the transition shows any signs of a letup yet. Every IT shop is evaluating new solutions even if they have strategic relationships with the big guys. The big guys have two options, in our view: develop or buy the next generation solutions and offer them to the customers as their own, or keep seeing the declines for another year, at least. If a major supplier doesn’t have an SDS, cloud storage and a hyperconverged solution in their arsenal this year, they can say goodbye to a lot of revenue.


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