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Taneja Group Predictions for 2016 – Arun Taneja, #2 UPDATE

In my hastiness to distinguish different hyperconverged solutions on the basis of their differences in primary storage vs. secondary storage emphasis, I failed to point out that hyperconvergence is about a lot more than convergence of storage with compute. The differences amongst vendors are already big and they will become even bigger in 2016. For instance, Nutanix is focusing heavily on virtualization, virtualization operations, and application mobility across different hypervisors and clouds. They have even done their own hypervisor, Acropolis, which has open source roots and I expect it to become a secret weapon for them in time. There are also innovations along application mobility, integrated end-to-end datacenter management, support for public clouds and a lot more. Storage (primary and secondary) is only one aspect of hyperconvergence. Just because Nutanix, for instance, wants to place emphasis on primary storage side and work with partners for secondary storage uses (large-scale data protection, for instance) doesn’t mean the story ends there. The story only begins there. The idea of hyperconvergence is to replace the entire infrastructure with a simpler model. And that means touching a lot more than storage. We are already seeing major architectural differences here between vendors in terms of how far they want to go and how far they can go (due to architectural choices) in covering the complete infrastructure stack. Please read Prediction #2 with this in mind.


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