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Taneja Group Predictions for 2016 – Arun Taneja, #2

As a sign of mainstreaming, expect to see sub-categorization of HyperConverged solutions. We see splits along three main lines: one, how much functionality is hyperconverged? The two leaders, namely Nutanix and SimpliVity, are already showing fundamental, strategic differences in this dimension. Nutanix is essentially staying focused on primary storage, even if does have built in data protection, replication and other so-called secondary usage of data. Contrast that to SimpliVity, who wants to cover the complete IT infrastructure needs for you. That means their solution has a very tightly integrated, with built-in support for most, if not all, secondary uses of data. The distinction is blurry and not black and white but strategically, it is a big difference, especially over time. We expect this to become clearer in 2016. Much more on this coming this year from Taneja Group.

As if this was not enough, we expect a new sub-category, that we are calling HyperConverged Edge, to be popping up. At this time, there is only one player in this sub-category, namely Riverbed. Riverbed’s premise is simple: they agree with the principle of hyperconvergence but believe that even a hyperconverged solution is too much for a remote office, given lack of specialized IT resources in the remote office. Their solution encourages the use of hyperconverged solutions for the primary location but replaces the ROBO equipment with nothing more than the user device. They “project” the application from the primary location and all data resides safely in the primary location. ROBO simply becomes a place where end users perform their work and almost all IT is eliminated. More on this is available from Taneja Group on this approach.

As they say, when it rains, it pours. Another sub-category of HyperConvergence, that we expect will become extremely powerful this year, albeit still in the early adoption stage, is what we have described as Secondary Storage HyperConvergence. This is hyperconvergence applied 100% to secondary usage of data. Cohesity and Rubrik symbolize this sub-category. Both these solutions use the main principles of hyperconvergence but solely to secondary data. This includes data protection, DR, replication, data deduplication, compression, content repositories, archiving, Dev/Ops, Big Data storage, management and analytics, and more. In other words, all secondary uses of data, delivered in a hyperconverged device. Even here differences are springing up, in terms of how far the solution goes and whether or not it works with existing products in these areas. We expect a ton of activity and innovation in this category, mostly coming at the detriment of traditional data protection vendors, who supply all these functions in an a la carte fashion today. Keep a look out for much more on this from Taneja Group this year.


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