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Taking Virtual Machine Recovery to the Next Level

As more and more mission-critical applications are virtualized, we’re seeing a greater demand for management and data protection solutions designed specifically for virtualized environments. Customers are increasingly looking for innovative approaches to their data protection challenges that leverage the full power of the virtual platform.

I had the opportunity recently to meet with the folks from Veeam to learn about the newest release of their virtualization data protection solution, vPower v5. Veeam’s data protection and management tools have been on the market for several years and have garnered over 10,000 customers worldwide, according to the company. With v5, Veeam continues to differentiate itself from the physical server data protection vendors, especially with its new “Instant VM Recovery” functionality.

Instant VM Recovery provides customers the ability to run a virtual machine directly from a backup file, without having to fully recover the backup first. vPower publishes the contents of the backup file as a datastor that an ESXi host connects to. Veeam wrote a custom implementation of NFS that allows the vPower backup server to become an NFS datastore, publishing VMDK’s to VMware’s vCenter Server to start the virtual machine to be recovered. Utilizing storage vMotion, vPower’s replication technology or hot VM copy, allows for a full recovery to happen in the background. Instant VM Recovery makes a VM image available faster than it normally would be if the user had to wait for a traditional full image recovery. VM recovery allows customers to recreate a VM (or set of VMs for a multi-tiered application) from a previous point in time, on demand, to recover files or application states.

Since its inception, Veeam has tried to stay ahead of the technology curve by delivering tools that VMware administrators need and want, often before anyone else. For this reason, we suggest administrators take a hard look at Veeam’s vPower v5 for their virtual data protection needs.

  • Premiered: 10/27/10
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Desktop Virtualization Server Virtualization Veeam Virtual Backup


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