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Symantec Cites BYOD Big Security Threats; Releases MMS

Symantec BYOD

We are doing a lot of work around the implications of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for businesses. We primarily concentrate on BYOD’s effects on file collaboration and IT management, and are building the foundation for an enterprise approach to BYOD management.**

There are many vendor entrants into these areas and Symantec has a leg up on the rest because of its strong existing security focus. Along these lines, Symantec released their newest Internet Security Threat Report that highlights a 58 percent increase in mobile threats targeting user devices. We would expect a security company to happily share high threat numbers but the steep numbers do not surprise us. Cybercrime attempts are up all over the map. Some of them are relatively harmless if annoying casual attempts, but the Symantec report also found that around a third of those attempts were designed to lift information from the device.

Symantec is addressing these threats to endpoint device security with Symantec Mobile Management Suite (MMS).

  1. MMS combines previously separated processes: mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM). This enables a central console, mobile utilities and IT policies for a vast swath of user devices.
  1. The company has also added a highly secure Exchange email client for iOS and Android devices. The email client makes users happy with a full suite including email, calendar and contacts. It makes IT happy by granting centralized IT control for a major headache with BYOD: securing business email applications on user devices. ; T manages the suite using the MMS console.
  1. MMS also enables secure single user sign-on for wrapped applications. Single sign-on is dearly loved by users but requires very strong access control lest multiple applications be compromised. Administrators can use policies and optional settings to control single sign-on rights and sessions. Authentication uses LDAP and SAML, and the process integrates with existing cloud security platforms from Symantec and CA.

Symantec is certainly not alone in the mobile management space: Cisco, IBM and others are also investing heavily. Symantec’s new announcement is interesting because they are combining MDM and MAM into a single console, which adds a welcome level of management and user efficiency, and broader security.

** We are finishing a landscape market report on enterprise file collaboration players. If you would like a copy please email and we will send you one as soon as it’s complete.

  • Premiered: 04/19/13
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Symantec mobile mam mdm mms mobile management service BYOD file collaboration


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