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STORServer Offers True Backup Flexibility

I am all for backup appliances in general but their very popularity can be their downfall. They are generally inexpensive to buy, are easy to deploy and simple to operate. However, in large numbers they may be the victims of their own success. There are distinct parallels with SharePoint for example, whose proliferation has occurred without a good way for managing the information spread across SharePoint installations.

This is why I like StorServer: their appliance does not simply offer a cost-effective backup and recovery system, but virtualizes backup across a large range of storage targets including the cloud. Storage pools virtualize multiple storage locations including DAS, NAS, SAN and cloud-based storage locations. STORServer also tracks the location of off-site vaulted tape. This ability enables customers to easily scale backup storage without replacing or upgrading disk on the backup appliance itself. (Or being limited by the amount of disk an appliance can support.)

StorServer’s reach is not limited to traditional backup but extends to archiving and recovery. STORServer backup is vendor- and platform-agnostic, and users can set data retention times -- an excellent quality when trying to save room for backup storage. STORServer also accepts archival storage, which is point-in-time capture of files or file sets for long-term data retention. Archiving can be reasonably stored on secondary tier storage and still be managed from the STORServer appliance. StorServer’s largest recovery use case is disaster recovery (DR); STORServer offers fast recovery times and supports multi-site backup locations. (Recovery may also mean searching and restoring archived files for eDiscovery purposes, but this is a whole different discussion.)

The STORServer family of appliances ranges from entry-level and SMB, to mid-range and SME, to large enterprise. Each appliance supports disk-to-disk and disk-to-tape configuration and uses the same enterprise-level software, which keeps upgraded appliances perfectly familiar to IT administrators.

The software provides simple deployment of hardware and software, creates storage pools from connected network storage (including remote and cloud), and creates an off-site storage pool for DR purposes. It does an initial full backup followed by incremental-forever. Users may set retention policies. Restoration works using a database of files and locations, which makes on-demand restoring exceptionally fast and efficient. Depending on the individual storage locations, STORServer immediately begins restoration from the network (LAN, WAN or cloud), mounts library media, and/or automatically notifies the storage administrator which tapes to retrieve from off-site vaults.

  • Premiered: 12/14/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): STORServer Backup Archiving Cloud


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