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Storage Performance Remains in the Spotlight for a Majority of Enterprises

This past month Taneja Group completed the latest edition of our bi-annual survey on Storage Acceleration and Performance, which was co-sponsored by a range of technology companies. This research is focused on enterprise users’ perceptions and adoption of a wide range of storage acceleration technologies and approaches to solving particular performance needs. Nearly 700 enterprise IT professionals from around the world responded to our latest survey, a majority of whom are storage buyers or influencers in their own organizations. This is the first in a series of blog posts, articles, columns and reports in which we will share findings and insights from this research.

Though flash adoption has increased significantly over the past two years, enterprise users’ demand for storage acceleration remains greater than ever. The growth of server virtualization, private cloud, file services and big data workloads, among others, is fueling the need for better and more cost-effective storage performance and acceleration solutions, variously focused on improving bandwidth, increasing IO throughput, and/or reducing latency. Nine out of 10 respondents still point to two or three business-critical apps or use cases that need acceleration in their own shops, just as they did two years ago. So while vendor shipments of flash-based devices, appliances and arrays have grown dramatically since early 2013, they are not having the kind of impact we would have expected in addressing the growing performance needs of business-critical applications. The performance “demand/supply” gap remains large, which is good news for vendors but bad news for many enterprise shops.

While one-third of enterprises today are funding initiatives to improve storage performance across a range of applications and use cases, their approach to addressing performance needs is changing. Whereas more than one-half of companies two years ago were investing in adding or replacing storage infrastructure, two-thirds of enterprises today are taking less CAPEX-heavy and less array-centric approaches to addressing at least some of their performance and capacity needs. Overall, companies are looking to put the acceleration solution closer to the application, whether in server-based flash (cache or storage) or hypervisor-resident software. Enterprises are also turning in increasingly large numbers to Hyperconverged and other converged infrastructure architectures to bring storage closer to the servers hosting their performance-sensitive apps.

Taneja Group and our study sponsors will be reporting and socializing a whole array (pardon the pun) of interesting insights from this enterprise end-user research over the next few months, and we’d like to hear your views on storage performance and how you’re addressing needs in your own organization. Stay tuned to this Taneja Group blog and our twitter feeds to learn more and join the discussion!

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  • Premiered: 04/15/15
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): Flash Storage End User Research SAPMCS


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