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SOC, NOC, and Roll - AccelOps Converges Security and Network Ops

We are seeing convergence everywhere in IT these days. AccelOps shows how convergence in systems management offers many of the same kinds of values as it does in other areas of IT - leveraged capabilities across formerly silo'd practices, simplified tasks and automation embedding best practices, and ready to roll deployment out of the box. AccelOps has tied security, compliance and network operations together into a one stop SOC and NOC “in a box”.

If you are familiar with AccelOps, their version 4.4 is out this week, and brings some new capabilities like a “Threat Intelligence Center” service which will centrally collect, consolidate, correlate and publish back information about new network threats to subscribers. Also this new version offers an optional agent that helps go deeper in Windows down to a file integrity and monitoring level. If you haven’t seen it before, and you have challenges tracking down either performance or security issues, you should check it out.

We like the idea of marrying security and performance together - when you have a problem is it an infrastructure or configuration issue, or a security problem in progress?  I imagine we are going to see more and more management convergence soon, across the wider IT stack.

  • Premiered: 06/04/15
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): AccelOps NOC SOC Performance Security network


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