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Silver Peak Dials Up Private Cloud WAN Performance


Hot on the heels of Riverbed’s cloud-focused announcements earlier this month, Silver Peak is keeping the pressure on with its new virtual WAN optimization appliance, the VRX-8, which accelerates multi-site replication and disaster recovery for “big data” among enterprise datacenters (or, in 2010 parlance, private clouds).

When I spoke with the Silver Peak team, they made some impressive claims for a fully-virtualized WAN optimization appliance: 20x more throughput than any other virtual appliance on the market plus a 50% improvement in deduplication performance, to eliminate even more repetitive data from overburdened, shared WANs. In short, the kind of performance we never expected from a software appliance five years ago.

I’m eager to see the VRX-8 in action for myself, and to dig deeper into the new visibility Silver Peak promises via enhanced management dashboards, which are customized for each of the leading storage systems and apps vying for bandwidth on corporate networks.


Private clouds mean more applications running on fewer devices over longer distances than ever before. And this means more contention and more competition for scarce WAN resources. Successful private cloud WAN optimization solutions must deliver both raw performance and fine-grained management control.

  • Premiered: 11/20/10
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Bartoletti Cloud silver peak WAN Optimization


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