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Server Sprawl, Meet Storage Sprawl

One of the big themes for 2010 in the land of virtualization is storage optimization for virtual environments, and especially for desktop virtualization projects. We're thinking and writing about it daily. Server admins need better storage metrics, while storage admins need much better capacity and performance planning tools--optimized for virtual workloads. As these two disciplines and sets of demands meet in the middle, there's a sweet spot for the virtual infrastructure optimization vendors Taneja Group has been working with for several years now.

Akorri, for example, has recently announced much deeper storage performance reporting capabilities, leveraging their BalancePoint analytics to create a Storage Scorecard - a real-time picture of infrastructure health from the storage vantage point. The vendor is also reporting some good results, indicating that the market is taking notice.

What do you need to optimize your virtual infrastrcture? Let us know what aspects of virtual infrastrurcture optimization are winning you over, and which vendor products are on your radar screens.

  • Premiered: 06/01/10
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Desktop Virtualization Optimization virtual infrastructures


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