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Server Side Is Where It’s At - Leveraging Server Resources For Performance

If you want performance, especially in IO, you have to bring it to where the compute is happening. We've recently seen Datrium launch a smart "split" array solution in which the speedy (and compute intensive) bits of the logical array are hosted server-side, with persisted data served from a shared simplified controller and (almost-JBOD) disk shelf. Now Infinio has announced their new caching solution version 3.0 this week, adding tiered cache support for server-side SSD's and other flash to their historically memory focused IO acceleration.

At first glance I wondered if SDS solutions like VMware's own VSAN weren't already there by hosting storage completely converged across the compute cluster.  But VSAN (or any new storage) is a big migration and change to practices, while adding a caching solution is a quick non-disruptive "turn the switch on" activity.   It turns out that Infinio (like SanDisk FlashSoft) now uses VMware's VAIO filter drivers (why aren't more storage array folks jumping on this?) to accelerate all IO transparently, even reportedly providing a significant improvement when used over VSAN.

It seems the storage market at-large, including SDS, is still evolving to natively take advantage of all the resources available in a given infrastructure.  We can't wait to see how new faster networks, denser (possibly persistent) memory technologies, and increasingly scale-out distributed/cloud-friendly applications are going to drive storage futures.

  • Premiered: 06/14/16
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Datrium Infinio VMware VSAN Flash SSD Caching


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