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SEPATON is the First Vendor to Deliver Dedupe for Multi-streamed and Multi-plexed DBs

On June 5th2012, SEPATON, Inc. that delivers disk-based data protection solutions specifically designed for large enterprises, announced the availability of release 6.1 of its data protection software, which powers its S2100 systems. This software-only release includes three main features:

  1. Enhancements to DeltaStor® DBeXstream™ software to deliver industry leading backup and restore performance for large databases while delivering significant storage capacity reduction through byte-differential deduplication.
  2. Broadened Symantec OST support
  3. System performance optimizations

SEPATON's database deduplication technology is unique because it eliminates the tradeoffs between backup performance and deduplication efficiency enabling significant performance enhancements while providing major reduction in storage capacity for Oracle, SQL, and DB2 databases. For these large databases, the scripts are written to be parallelized so that data can be multiplexed across multiple streams (Up to 16 simultaneous streams/channels) for faster backup performance. Vendors would tell their customers to turn off multi-streaming to get greater capacity reductions. In addition to lower dedupe ratios, another disadvantage of turning off multi-streaming is that all the scripts have to be rewritten which is a definite no no for most organizations. With SEPATON’s DeltaStor DBeXstream’s byte-level differential dedupe, their customers don’t have to choose between multi-streaming, multi-plexing, and capacity reduction through higher dedupe.

SEPATON is the first, and to-date only, third party vendor to deliver support for Symantec NetBackup OST A.I.R and Accelerator. This integration is certified by Symantec. OST feature set supported includes:

  1. OST A.I.R. (Auto Image Replication) provides automated replication between NetBackup domains and can be managed from NetBackup.
  2. OST Optimized Synthetics capability allows the SEPATON appliance to create full backups from previous backups at any time. Customers only need to perform one full backup and then incrementals forever. Sending changes only through the wide-area connection greatly reduces backup times.
  3. Granular Recovery Technology support translates into faster backup and recovery of Exchange mailboxes, Active Directory entries. SEPATON’s customer now can backup the entire mail-store in a single pass and recover individual mailbox or entire mail-store; whichever suits their needs.

Release 6.1 is a major software release. SEPATON’s customers will benefit from much higher database performance, reduced storage requirement due to higher dedupe ratios, and better/faster/more granular data protection. This is a software-only announcement, with the hardware announcements due out in the next 6-12 months which is bound to result in even better performance in the near future. Sepaton has always focused on the larger enterprise customers, given their scale-out architecture. These enhancements are specifically targeted at such large customers. We believe they will find them very attractive.

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