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Scrappy Huddle Makes a Splash in Content Collaboration

Start-up Huddle makes a collaboration and content management software aimed at the enterprise market, which sports large workgroups and countless computing devices. But before I go on, you have got to see David taking on Goliath, otherwise known as Huddle sending a marching band and cheerleaders INTO a Microsoft SharePoint conference. It's hilarious.

Huddle, Microsoft and Marching Bands

In the video, EVP and co-founder Andy McLoughlin (who was not arrested after all) points out that Huddle is actively engaged with Microsoft development. Huddle must support its collaboration customers who run MS Office, Outlook and Exchange (which is to say, nearly all of them). But for collaboration and content management they think they are far superior to SharePoint.

Frankly, so do I. SharePoint's collaboration environment is hard to manage given its widely publicized issues around content control and scalability. Huddle offers a compelling cloud-based alternative including broad support for mobile devices.

Unlike consumer sharing applications such as Dropbox, Huddle was built at an enterprise scale. It also supports smaller businesses but comes into its own in large collaborative environments. Huddle supports multiple team members, desktop, network and mobile content devices, and different data types using a secure cloud-based collaboration platform. Huddle syncs shared files across all covered devices for ongoing accuracy, and its interface emulates users’ existing desktop environments for simplified usage.

Huddle offers a highly scalable, efficient and effective approach to the thorny problem of enterprise collaboration. We'll be keeping a close eye on this start-up and wish them very, very well.

  • Premiered: 02/22/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Huddle Microsoft SharePoint Collaboration Cloud


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