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Scality releases version 6.0 further enabling Amazon S3 compatible storage on-premises

I recently wrote a column for Storage Magazine on my expectations for on-premises adoption of S3 compatible storage (see link below). As if on cue, Scality announced enhancements to Amazon S3 API capability for their Scality RING product. Version 6.0 claims to be the first S3 compatible object storage with full Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Identity and Access Management (IAM) support. These new features mean that central IT (not individual users) will be able to manage who has access to S3 object data. The seamless link to AD services further enables S3 to be deployed on-premises similar to other traditional storage devices already deployed. This is an important feature in corporate settings where employees come on go on a regular basis and it also enhances security for enterprise applications.

Scality has also announced the availability of a Docker container-based open-source S3 server that customers can download for free to use on a laptop or any single node compute device that supports Docker. Scality is trying to expand the ecosystem of developers that can support natively the S3 API without needing to create an AWS account. Scality will even support the S3 Server in production with a modest support license fee. This is a bold move by Scality because there is no guarantee that these customers will eventually upgrade to their Scality RING flagship enterprise product. The goal is to create name recognition and good will for the thousands of potential customers that normally would not engage with Scality.

With hundreds of commercially available applications natively supporting S3 as a storage repository today, I look forward to seeing many more storage products supporting the S3 API for front-end ingest. Well done Scality.


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  • Premiered: 06/17/16
  • Author: Jeff Kato
Topic(s): Scality Amazon Amazon S3 API Amazon AWS AWS Amazon Web Services Docker


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