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Scaling Out Storage Performance With HP’s New LeftHand P4900 SSD Array

Many of the best and fastest-growing HP LeftHand customers will heartily welcome the company’s latest addition to the P4000 storage portfolio.  As these users have continued to virtualize workloads and add or expand performance-sensitive applications in their environments, their storage needs have grown quite rapidly.  Though these users love the scale-out flexibility and cost advantages that the P4000 brings, they are now looking to scale their storage performance to the next level.

That’s where the HP LeftHand P4900 comes in.  The P4900 eliminates the controller bottlenecks that have plagued SSD offerings in traditional storage systems, allowing users to take full advantage of available IO throughput, and to scale performance and capacity non-disruptively as workload demands increase.  We think many existing customers that are looking for additional I/O performance will choose to deploy the P4900 as an SSD tier within a larger LeftHand management group, without having to compromise the flexibility, manageability, or cost advantages of their existing HP storage infrastructure.  Users running database, VDI, or other read-intensive applications should see a substantial IOPS boost, but even those customers running a mixed set of workloads will benefit from the P4900’s peak I/O potential. 

Users can non-disruptively migrate existing P4000 volumes to the high-performance SSD tier using HP Peer Motion.  And with the integrated HP SMARTSSD Wear Gauge technology, which monitors drive life span, customers need not worry about flash memory durability or reliability. 

At a list price of $199,000 for a 2-node, 6.4TB configuration, the system is not inexpensive on a pure $-per-GB basis.  But for HP LeftHand customers looking to seamlessly add a high-performance storage tier, the P4900 will likely be well worth the cost.  With this offering, HP has added a whole new dimension to the scale-out capabilities of the LeftHand P4000 product family, and users with performance-challenged workloads stand to reap the benefits.

  • Premiered: 03/08/12
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): HP P4000 SSD LeftHand


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