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Revisiting Avamar and Data Domain Integration

Avamar 6.0 took some real integration strides. It now supports Data Domain deduplication storage systems as a backup target for supported applications, taking advantage of Data Domain’s 25:1 compression ratio for workloads such as large database and email backups. Supported applications include Oracle and SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint, and VMware images; all of which greatly benefit from Data Domain’s large capacity deduplication and storage. Avamar is more suited to applications with relatively low data change rates like NAS file systems and multiple small backup streams from desktops and laptops.  

Avamar administrators choose between Avamar Data Stores or attached Data Domain systems. A software called Data Domain Boost is embedded in the Avamar system and enhances performance for larger streaming loads such as full database backups or restores. Avamar keeps bandwidth loads within acceptable guidelines. The Avamar management console monitors both Avamar and Avamar-to-Data Domain backup, restore and replication for centralized administration of both storage systems.

Avamar benefits from added Data Domain capacity ranging from hundreds of terabytes in an appliance to 1PB in a Data Domain gateway – multiplied up to 25 times given high deduplication storage ratios. This gives a lot of storage to Avamar. And it needs it: the 6.0 release increased node density that now ranges from 1.3 TB up to 7.8 TB along with performance scaling. These large gains in performance, capacity and interoperability make Avamar plus Data Domain a very attractive twofer for EMC customers and finally realize the integration promise of the early days.


  • Premiered: 07/29/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): EMC Avamar Deduplication Compression Oracle


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