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Quantum introduces cloud-powered data protection

Quantum announced its foray into cloud-powered data protection to complement the company's existing on-premise data protection portfolio, which includes DXi-Series disk backup and deduplication, vmPRO virtual machine protection and Scalar tape automation products. For a company delivering effective and efficient premise-based data protection for a while, the cloud-based data protection is the logical next step.

San Jose, California based Quantum provides data protection and big data management solutions. Their cloud-based data protection platform is all software and based on the Quantum vmPRO™ technology paired with a new virtual deduplication appliance, DXi V1000, which also debuted a couple of days ago. Additionally, the all-virtual platform powers Xerox’s recently announced cloud backup and disaster recovery (DR) services.

During the year, Quantum will offer cloud-based data protection to other cloud storage providers. The company also intends to provide its own branded cloud-based data protection service and a white-label version to be offered by Quantum’s channel partners under their own brands. Quantum also plans to develop software and hardware that can be used in a cloud-based archive.

Current off-site data protection options in the market force customers to choose between:

  1. Very fast but very expensive storage array-based replication
  2. Cloud-only solutions that can take days to deliver restored data.

Both of the above approaches also require additional hardware as data grows.

Quantum has taken a different path, reflecting the reality that disk and tape are both prevalent in typical enterprises, with a mix of physical and virtual servers,  and that most customers prefer the hybrid cloud approach. Hence, Quantum’s cloud data protection platform provides:

  1. Local copies of virtual machines (VM) and their data resulting in LAN-speed restores and allowing companies to meet their Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)
  2. Fast backup and restore in the cloud, resulting from up to 95 % data reduction and WAN-optimized bandwidth utilization for replication.
  3. The ability to perform Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) by bringing up full VM images in the cloud, resulting in efficient and cost-effective Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC).

Quantum’s new DXi V1000 provides target-based deduplication in a simple and affordable virtual appliance that protects physical as well as virtual environments. Quantum claims an impressive 95% data reduction.

With these new offerings, Quantum has differentiated itself from other data protection solutions in the marketplace by enabling a flexible public, private, or hybrid cloud solution. Their new offerings eliminate the drawbacks of the legacy cloud-based data protection solutions that are either cost prohibitive to most small enterprises or take too long to restore the data, thus missing critical RTOs and jeopardizing BC.  

  • Premiered: 03/26/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Quantum DXi v1000 Xerox cloud backup DR Disaster Recovery


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