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Pivot3 is Emerging from the HyperConverged Shadows

Pivot3 recently announced a partnership deal with Lenovo that will enable a broader adoption of Pivot3’s HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions to Lenovo customers. The combined solution will be sold as the “Hyper-Converged ONE” appliance and will be distributed by Arrow ECS.

I was recently briefed by the Pivot3 team and was surprised to hear that they were actually one of the original pioneers in the HyperConverged market and were building HCI appliances back in 2008. However, they seemed to miss the huge wave of HCI awareness and popularity that started in 2012.  Pivot3 has a new management team that is focused on getting the word out that they are a HCI player to be reckoned with. This important new partnership with Lenovo will go a long way to increase Pivot3’s presence in the HCI market worldwide.

One of the key differentiators Pivot3 focuses on is the ability to build scale-out software-defined storage based on a super-efficient, extremely reliable erasure coding technology as the foundational technology of the Pivot3 vStac OS. Currently the popular replication based storage protections schemes have a maximum efficiency of no greater than 50% of the RAW storage available, vStac storage technology can protect multiple drive failures with a storage efficiency closer to 80-90% which is a significant advantage.  Pivot3 claims that vStac storage scheme acts as a true shared SAN storage replacement alternative with no performance hot spots, true linear scale-out, and a very minimal CPU overhead. The HCI CPU overhead tax is becoming a concern to watch out for with HCI products as it consumes some of the same resources from the shared CPU complex needed for customer applications. Even with ever increasing CPU cores there still needs to be a balanced trade-off around the amount of features included in the HCI overhead that eats into available memory and CPU cycles.

As the HCI market continues to mature I’m looking forward to seeing how this Lenovo partnership works out and whether it is the pivotal moment that puts Pivot3 on the HCI map (no pun intended).

Read the press release here.

  • Premiered: 07/20/15
  • Author: Jeff Kato
Topic(s): Pivot3 HCI hyper convergence hyperconverged SAN Storage Lenovo CPU


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