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On Our Radar: VDI-Optimized Storage

Will 2010 mark the turning point for desktop virtualization? I think it depends on how well the leading storage vendors take the mystery and complexity out of storage planning for virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs). As Taneja Group wrote earlier this year, it’s critical for both server and desktop virtualization projects to make sure your storage infrastructure helps (whether NAS, NFS, or a SAN of whichever flavor you choose), rather than hinders deployment. After all, storage costs can make or break a VDI effort...quickly.

Knowing what you need is only half the battle; what can your storage deliver? Our clients continue to seek vendor solutions to make life easier, from capacity and performance planning and future scale-up and scale-out. The first step in a successful VDI effort is to take a current snapshot not only of what your users have on their desktops today, but what they actually use—what they need in order to have an acceptable experience. These are often quite different animals.

Last year we profiled Liquidware Labs and their tools to make VDI assessment not only easier, but much more accurate. We stand by the need for user experience evaluation, but while such a priori assessment remains critical, but it’s only half the planning picture. Over the next month I’ll be covering the other side of the equation: once you know what a successful VDI experience will be for your users, how do you size and select a storage solution that fits the bill without breaking the bank?

I’ll be looking at some exciting new performance numbers from leading storage vendors, based on comprehensive testing using the types of real-world, blended I/O workloads that characterize large-scale VDI implementations. Watch this space in the next few weeks as we explore how well today’s storage solutions bridge the performance gap and take the stress out of planning for VDI.

  • Premiered: 05/16/10
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Desktop Virtualization Storage Capacity Optimization Storage Performance VDI


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