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Observations from EqualLogic User Conference 2010

My colleague Jeff Boles and I recently attended the first EqualLogic User Conference in Dallas. The event was very well attended, including EqualLogic storage managers and administrators from a wide variety of companies and industries. We came away very impressed with users' comfort level in running EqualLogic storage in a server virtualization environment, and their ability to make the two sets of technologies work well together. Case in point: when we asked during our presentation (available at for a show of hands of users who are struggling with their virtual server storage, we got less than half of the responses we normally get. We believe this demonstrates how well-integrated iSCSI storage (such as EqualLogic) is helping customers to overcome many of the nasty storage issues that users tend to encounter as they virtualize their infrastructures. The open technical dialogue we saw at this event should enable attendees to get even more productivity out of their virtual server storage. Kudos to Dell and the EqualLogic team for their efforts to help bring virtual server storage into the mainstream.

  • Premiered: 04/08/10
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): Dell iSCSI networked storage Server Virtualization virtual infrastructures


Thanks, Jeff. Glad you and Jeff Boles enjoyed the event.


Dylan @ Dell Storage

By Dylan on 04/09/10


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