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Nimble Storage Expands Portfolio with the Intro of its AF-Series All-Flash Arrays

For those of you who think of Nimble Storage strictly as a hybrid array vendor… think again, and think bigger. Nimble now offers an extensive line of flash storage offerings, from the company’s original CS-Series Adaptive Flash hybrid arrays—which optimize performance for mixed workloads—to the new AF-Series All-Flash arrays, designed to deliver up to 1.2M IOPS and deterministic latency to support customers’ most performance-demanding workloads. These products can be clustered and managed as a single entity in the company’s Unified Flash Fabric architecture, enabling users to mix and match platforms to the performance and capacity needs of their applications while leveraging common data services. The AF-Series also offers the scalability (up to 8+ PB in a 4-node scale-out configuration) and availability (measured at five+ 9’s) that enterprises will demand for their business-critical workloads.

But for Taneja Group, the most interesting part of Nimble’s story remains its strength and innovation in predictive analytics. Nimble pioneered InfoSight back in April 2013, and now other vendors are looking to emulate its success. Composed of a data collection and analysis engine that captures and correlates trillions of sensor data points, along with a customer portal and proactive alerts, InfoSight enables users to better manage their storage environments while reducing technical support issues. Nimble claims that InfoSight automatically detects, diagnoses and resolves 9 out of 10 storage and non-storage related issues that would otherwise result in customer support incidents. Along with Nimble’s “Timeless Storage” business model, which provides customers with investment protection and enables them to purchase storage as CAPEX or an on-demand service, InfoSight is a big contributor to Nimble customer satisfaction, recently measured as a Net Promoter Score of 85—extremely impressive by any standard.

Sure, Nimble’s overall offering has holes relative to other vendors—it’s lacking a software-defined storage solution, for example. But the company’s architecture, predictive analytics and forward-looking vision are right on. Nimble in effect offers some of the best aspects of both a new-age and established storage hardware vendor: an innovative, purpose-built design and common management framework for its flash arrays; coupled with mature and proven technology, now in use at 7500+ customer sites. From our perspective, Nimble now has the product portfolio and track record to allow them to play on a bigger stage. We recommend that midsize businesses and small/medium enterprises alike take a close look at Nimble Storage, whenever they are ready to refresh, replace or expand their storage infrastructure.


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