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Nexsan Launches Unified Storage with a Big Bang

Unified storage, which combines block and file traffic into a single system, can be a mixed bag. It has some welcome benefits including saving money over buying separate systems, getting back data center real estate, and lowering energy costs.

There are trade-offs too since unified storage hasn’t traditionally been very high performance. As a secondary system it hasn’t necessarily needed to be, but times they are a’changin’. These days performance has an increasingly important role even for mid-size business. Extreme data growth, virtualization, and big management overhead are all feeding the need for combining the efficiency of unified storage with high performance and scalability.

Nexsan’s announcement is significant not only because it unifies block and file traffic in the NST5000 (previously the E5000), but also because it enables very high performance for both data types. They’ve done this by sending both types of traffic through the NST5000’s high-end solid-state based controllers. FASTier acceleration technology enables high performance for sequential and random I/O, 3X speed gains for SATA and SAS, big RAID protection, fully integrated data management and protection, high scalability – a whole raft of dramatic benefits.
Storage needs are changing and customers are looking for dense, exceptionally scalable, and extremely fast unified storage alternatives. The NST5000 gives it to them. 

  • Premiered: 03/05/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
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