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Nexsan E-Series SAN adds 3TB Hitachi 5700 RPM Drives

Nexsan’s E-Series SANs are now available with Hitachi’s economical 3TB 5700 RPM SATA drives. The configuration makes use of HDS CoolSpin and Nexsan AutoMAID to keep energy use down in the E-Series’ dense storage environment. The drives are optimized for sequential performance, so Nexsan is positioning them as a solution for like-minded digital video storage (DVS), disk-to-disk backup and archival.

Applications like email, virtualization and databases with high random IO really need high IOPS drives to preserve performance. 15K drives or SSD drives are ideal, with SSD’s edging out 15K over time. However, sequential data from D2D and DVS operations have little need for high IOPS drives. They need a drive that delivers sustained read/write performance. Serial ATA drives shine at sequential operations such as (most) video streaming. And by taking advantage of CoolSpin and AutoMAID, energy costs spiral downward on these drives; a very good thing given Nexsan’s small and dense SAN footprint.

The lessons here are:

  1. Don’t automatically choose the “fastest” drive even for intensive data operations. Fastest is relative to the type of performance a data type needs.
  2. Calculate energy management features into your SAN and drive purchase decisions; saving on energy costs matters a lot over time.
  3. Nexsan has built energy efficiency, space savings, and performance into its E-Series SANs; providing enterprise-class services to the mid-market and up.
  • Premiered: 02/23/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): nexsan HDS Hitachi RPM drives Backup Archival video sequential random


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