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New VMware vSphere 5 licensing, take two

VMware has just announced some revisions to its vSphere 5 licensing and pricing, which we believe will resonate with VMware users.  A number of VMware customers have given us their perspectives on the originally announced vSphere 5 licensing over the past few weeks, and their feedback has been decidedly mixed.  A large majority are OK with the fact that VMware is moving one step closer to a utility-based, IT-as-a-service pricing model, but a significant number have expressed concerns about how these changes would impact their own licensing costs.

We are encouraged that VMware has listened to all of the feedback, and is now taking action to mitigate customers' issues.  We believe that the substantially larger vRAM entitlements per vSphere edition will make the licensing more palatable for moderately to heavily consolidated VMware shops, particularly those running memory-hungry applications.  Similarly, the new 96 GB cap on vRAM counted towards per-VM entitlements will make the licensing more attractive to customers that are already running large VMs, while making it more economical for users to virtualize new production apps.  We also think dev and test environments will be much happier with the 12-month averaging of vRAM counted under their licenses, since they'll no longer be penalized for periodic but infrequent usage spikes as they move through their dev/test cycles.

Our take on VMware's vSphere 5 licensing adjustments is positive, but what do you think?  Does the revised pricing address your concerns?

  • Premiered: 08/03/11
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): VMWare Licensing vSphere Server Virtualization


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