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New Team At Violin Memory Playing Flashier Microsoft Music

Recently we caught up with Violin Memory and they are full of energetic plans to capitalize on their high performance flash arrays, elevating their game from a focus on bringing fast technology to market to one of addressing big market problems head-on. Today they are announcing a very interesting new solution that creates a whole new segment of storage - a MS Windows-specific file-serving flash array.

This new Violin Windows Flash Array marries high performance flash storage with some new capabilities in Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 at an intimate level to create a new kind of storage. This array actually has embedded Windows storage servers that run SMB Direct and leverage RDMA (one of the techie things we like a lot that has migrated down from HPC supercomputer land and usually found in InfiniBand solutions). These storage servers run intimately integrated with Violin flash storage seen as local PCIe devices in the same appliance. 

Net-net - Windows users get simple Windows provided and managed storage file services that are super-powered by high-end flash storage. The Windows Flash Array as a whole inherits all the goodness of MS Storage Server including dedupe, live migration, thin provisioning, compression, mirroring, replication, and snapshots. MS application servers, like those running SQL Server, large VDI or Hyper-V farms, benefit from the high performance kick in the pants that the Violin flash storage provides. 

Overall this brings Violin to the forefront of consideration for Windows enterprises looking for cost-efficient, high-performance, and easy to manage storage (due to the convergence of Windows storage servers with a high-end flash array). The unique synergies between Violin Flash Fabric Architecture and MS Storage Server here deserve a closer look. I'm sure we'll be hearing more new music soon from this revitalized Violin.

  • Premiered: 04/21/14
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Violin Memory Windows Storage Server Flash Microsoft


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