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Mining the Data Your Clients Produce: Glassbeam SCALAR Lights Up Value

This week Glassbeam announced a new solution for vendors whose products in the hands of clients produce mountains of potentially valuable "back-end" data. Mining that data which can include streams of ongoing customer site configurations, usage, status, location or really any relevant sensor results can help drive vastly better customer support and satisfaction, new and timely revenue opportunities, and better informed product management decisions.  It might seem straightforward to extract value out of big data once you have it, but trying to "home grow" processing and coherent analysis of PB's of "multi-structured" files to feed all those business processes by using IT logfile utilities or low-level Hadoop coding could take a big effort and fall far short of spectacular. 

Glassbeam SCALAR can essentially take any set of complex, multi-structured, dynamically varying, high volume "meta" data, process it at scale, and deliver timely and useful analysis to business focused vendor functions (marketing, sales, support, in a way that doesn't require writing complex queries.  It's available as a cloud service (or private cloud) where they can take your daily data streams and provide a search based interface, an analytical dashboard, reporting, and API integration back into other solutions. 

And those vendors can also set Glassbeam up in an OEM fashion to give their clients direct access to their own data and analysis - another bonus to improve customer satisfaction and deliver greater value.

We've written a free two page opinion on Glassbeam SCALAR with more details.  Anybody who makes anything from which they can harvest back-end data should check it out!

  • Premiered: 10/22/13
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Glassbeam Big Data machine data Internet of Things


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