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Is “VM Stall” Real?

Dave Marshall and I have been talking about the current stall in virtualization uptake and how we can break through to the next wave of virtualization over at InfoWorld. Excerpts:
"We're exiting the first wave of consolidation and the low-hanging fruit has been virtualized," explained Bartoletti. "If virtualization only delivered consolidation, we'd be done. But it's moving beyond that use case quickly, as customers leverage virtualization for so much more: application mobility, better data protection and DR, branch office consolidation, desktop efficiency, etc."

Bartoletti continued, "The second wave of issues is always harder when a core technology matures. Server virtualization essentially paid for itself in CAPEX savings, but when we virtualize Tier 1 business-critical applications, or user desktops, CAPEX savings take a backseat to application performance and IT efficiency, and this is why we're stalling."

  • Premiered: 07/13/10
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Desktop Virtualization InfoWorld Performance Server Virtualization Virtualization


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